County, Rangers, Locals Jointly Hunt for Stray Lion Reported in Mwingi

The women hand over their charter of demands to WAK official to be delivered to the Governor of Kitui County at the top of Ulonzo Hills.

Mumoni locals in Mwingi North Sub-County have been living in fear following invasion by a stray lion late this month that has left 8 cows, 4 goats and one dog dead.The wildlife department reacted swiftly by sending its officers to patrol the the western part of the hill where the lion footprints were last traced.The search operation is headed by Kimanzi Zakayo, Chief Officer , Kitui County Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture alongside the local community leaders and the KWS officers led by Mr. Bakari the Senior Warden in charge of Meru park, Kora and Mwingi Reserve.

The joint efforts by the County Government, KWS Rangers and the local community have born fruits as no attacks yet have been reported since the launch of the lion hunt operation on 22nd September.The officers have been jointly combing hills’ bushy thickets, nearest water points to track Lion’s footprints at the suspected western part of Muumoni hills.On the same day, a call back system from Kambi Ya Simba in Kora Reserve was dispatched to Mumoni Hills to aid in search operations.So far, several call backs have been made at different locations within the hill tracing footprints at two points.

Thereafter, four more range officers were dispatched to Mumoni from Meru National Reserve to help in search operation and educate locals on safety measures incase of invasions as well as how to get compensated by the wildlife department for the losses they incurr.Also, a lion capture trap from Meru park was also availed to the suspected hill area where the rangers are conducting foot patrols to trace the lion.

The lion’s footprints were lastly traced at Thua (western part of Muumoni hills) next to Tana river on 24th September and it’s assumed the lion was heading to Mwea Game Reserve where it is believed to have come from.Since 22nd September, no injury or death case by the lion has been reported.On the same day, the mobile patrol unit that had been dispatched to Mumoni hills was transferred to Isiolo County for an urgent search for a lion that had killed one and injured two people.Large search area radius and bushy terrain are among the major setbacks the search team is currently facing.


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