Kenyans have more than they need, Makali Mulu

Kitui Central Mp, Benson Makali Mulu during a past evnt
Kitui Central member of parliament, Makali Mulu has seconded minimization of the country’s leadership saying that we have more than we require in the counties and also in the National government.
‘this is triggering over taxation thus raising the cost of living,’ Makali pointed out.
The lawmaker who is a member in the budget committee pointed out that Kenyans are suffering due to over taxation which could be corrected by strictly fighting corruption and reducing spending money on unnecessary issues.
He urged H. E Uhuru Kenyatta to lower the cost of living especially reduce the cost of kerosene which is costing same price a as diesel.
‘the local residents are suffering for they are buying kerosene at a very high price which is unfair,’ Mulu insisted.
The Legislator urged the government to exercise progressive taxation where the rich are taxed to benefit the poor not the vice versa.
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