Mwingi should be a county and Mulyungi the Governor, Tsunami


Mwingi Central vocal member of parliament, Gideon Mulyungi has vehemently opposed the idea of counties being increased.

Speaking at Musukini primary school yesterday, (Saturday)where he was re opening Musukini office the Wiper Legislator said addition of counties will enable residents easily reach their leaders.
‘we need an addition of counties especially in Kitui county for the betterment of our people,’ the Mp added.
Tsunami, as the Mp is commonly known said Mwingi needs to be a county where he will be the Governor.

‘i will oppose the motion if it will be presented in parliament for Mwingi needs to be a county so that i can be the Governor.,’ Tsunami added

Additionally, he told President Uhuru to lower the cost of living regardless of the conditions he has been given by IMF and World bank.
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