Tension high in Mwingi as Ngilu and Mulyungi supporters clash


Mwingi town was for some minutes turned into a wrestling ground after Ngilu and Mulyungi’s fans clashed.

The ugly incident which has taken place at around 7Pm near a famous petrol station in Mwingi town has left some with minor injuries.

Armed with bows and arrows, the governors die hards bared Mp Mulyungi who was visiting traders in town from passing near the petrol station.

The filling station is owned by a very close confidant to the Governor and his sons together with other ‘hired’ boda operators were ready to face the Mp and his team once they set foot on the ‘sacred’ place as they made their rounds in town.

Shortly after Tsunami and his people approached the station, exchange of blows started with stones filling the air and others using the bows and arrows in their possession to do their worst.

However, it took the intervention of police to calm the nerves of these rowdy youths.

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Security in town has been beefed up to avert any other drama as witnessed earlier.

Earlier today, (Sunday ) the Governor was in Mwingi town where she attended a fund drive in one of the churches in town.

Some months ago, the county boss visited Mwingi town without ‘permission’ of Tsunami this leading to youths heckling her sentiments which left her minus option and had to leave not achieving the aims her meeting.

Since then there has been rivalry between the Mp and the county government officials.


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