Shame as MCA fails leaving residents doing his work

As some Mcas are busy turning impassable roads passable in their wards, Kiomo Kyethani ward Mheshiwa James Musyoka is concentrating on buying cars for his three wives according to the residents.
The cry for graded roads in Kiomo ward has fallen into deaf ears leaving residents taking the action of making the previously impassable road to now better roads.
With the help of their Member of National Assembly, Charles Nguna they have covered close to 20 kilometres now.
‘We have lived with complications while traveling for long and when we approached the Mp on the idea of making the road for ourselves, he seconded the it. This is after the Mca turned a deaf ear on us,’ Joseph Makau Nzoka, Kitheuni group leader said.
Charles Nguna, the Mp urged the group to not always wait for the government to make roads or construct earth dams for them but they can take the initiative to do it themselves.
‘The Mp ensures we do not go home empty handed as he provides food for us,’ a member of the group said.
Mp Charles Nguna, said that he will ensure they get uwezo fund to boost their group.
However, the members of the group pleaded with county government to ensure it issues them with working materials like mattock, spades, wheel barrows and pangas to make their work easier.
‘we use our own materials and would request the county government to give us the necessary equipment to at least make the work easier,’ another member stated.
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