A man wants depression declared national disaster


Outspoken Pastor Godfrey Migwi has called upon President Uhuru Kenyatta to declare depression a national disaster, due to the increased number of youths committing suicide.

He attributes this to the high cost of living in the country, which chokes most young people who find it hard to maneuver through the situation that is getting worse by the day.

Migwi says over 40 per cent of youths are facing depression and contemplating committing suicide and therefore wants the government to start a door-to-door campaign to check on youths, with treatment being provided immediately for those found with depression.

In a long Facebook post, the clergy says that poverty, unemployment and lack of hope are the greatest monsters scaring the youths.

“Often I have young people coming to my office with one agenda and one agenda only, to take away their lives. Our youths are full of suicidal thoughts. They are sick and tired of this horrible life, sick and tired of being poor and unemployed. Sick and tired of being mistreated and abused. Sick and tired of being shortchanged by the not only the government but also their families and loved ones whom they have bestowed all their hope on. They’re tired, many have degree certificates but before you get a job in Kenyan office’s and industries bosses must abuse you,” says Migwi.

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Migwi alleges that the government is being mean to the youths, denying them opportunities to grow their talent for their future and the future of the country.

“High cost of living is taking away the young people who are supposed to be the future; the people to bring forth a turn around and make this country great, at least fulfill it’s full potential,” adds Migwi.

He is also blaming fellow clergy-men and women, whom he accuses of playing puppets to politicians instead of pointing out the mess.

“It’s only false teachers and prophets of doom that can say everything is alright while our youths are perishing. These prophets always wait election period with olive oil to anoint leaders but they cannot correct them because they’re after what they get from politicians,” Read the post.

According to a survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS), seven million Kenyans are unemployed.

Out of these, 1.4 million have been desperately looking for work. The rest have given up on job hunting, with some opting to go back for further studies.

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Up to 19.5 million Kenyans are active in the labour force, majority of them in low-cadre, poor-paying jobs.

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