Ngilu becomes the first Governor scouts patron in Kenya

Ngilu crowned as the first governor scouts patron in Kenya

Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu has become the first Governor in Kenya to take the leadership mantle to lead 42,620 scouts and 2210 leaders after she was crowned the patron of Kitui county scouts.The event was held on Tuesday, 02nd October at the county multi-purpose hall in Kitui town, the county headquarters with hundreds of youths and their leaders attending.

In an event held at Kitui Multi-Purpose Hall early Tuesday, Ngilu was crowned by the head of Training Executive of Kenya Scouts Association Mr. Peter Muema to lead the county scouts.The event had drawn hundreds of scouts and their representatives from various parts of the county.

Charity Ngilu with scouts leaders after she was crowned the first governor scouts patron in Kenya

Accompanied by Kitui County Scouts Commisioner Susana Ngari and Musa Mukagwa, Security of Special Programme Executive chair, Muema congratulated the governor for being the patron to the county scouts.The event was attended by not less than 200 scouts countywide.The event speakers heaped praises to the governor for her newly appointed post.

Accepting the mantle, Ms. Ngilu assured her devotion and commitment to make Kitui a better place for all.She further assured to foster healthy cooperation among the scouts to place them at a better position.

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