Mwendwa’s royal family in Ukambani

    Former Kitui county Woman Representative, Winfred Nyiva Mwendwa

    1. Hon. Nyiva Mwendwa, MP and Minister

    Former Kitui County Women Representative Hon. Nyiva Mwendwa. [Photo/]
    During 1974 elections, Winfred Nyiva Mwendwa was elected Kitui West parliamentarian on KANU ticket.She served as MP for four terms, she won 1992 multiparty multiparty elections on KANU and thereafter in 2002 on NARC ticket.On May 09th, 1995 Nyiva made history in Kenya when she was appointed to the cabinet, becoming the first Cabinet Minister in Kenya.She served as the Minister of Culture and Social Services under Moi’s government.In 2013, after the introduction of devolved governments, Nyiva was elected Kitui County Women Representative on Kalonzo’s Wiper Party.Hon. Nyiva retired voluntarily from active politics in 2017 upon completion of her term in office as Law Maker.

    2. Hon. Kitili Maluki Mwendwa, Kenya’s first black Chief Justice and MP

    He was the first African (Kenyan) to hold the position of Chief Justice in Kenya after attainment of independence.The late Kitili was the husband to Hon. Nyiva Mwendwa, the former MP and Cabinet Minister.In 1984, he was elected Kitui West MP on a by election but served shortly since he met untimely death on a traffic road accident in 1985.He was succeded by his brother,Hon. Kyale.

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    3. Hon. Kyale Mwendwa, MP

    Kyale was elected Kitui West law maker in 1986 to replace Kitili Mwendwa, his brother.He was subsequently elected in the 1988 general elections.

    4. Hon. Eliud Ngala Mwendwa, Cabinet Minister

    E.N Mwendwa served as the first Minister for Labour and Social Services in the Kenya’s firt independence 1963 government headed by the founding father of Kenya, the late H.E Mzee Jomo Kenyatta.He died in 2016 in Nairobi Hospital due to old age related sickness.EN Mwendwa also was appointed the first member represent Kitui in LegCo after attainment of independence in 1963.

    5. Kitili Maluki Mwendwa (son of Hon. Nyiva Mwendwa)

    Kitili Maluki Mwendwa

    He is the son to Nyiva Mwendwa and Kitili Maluki Mwendwa, the late MP and Chief Justice.He expressed his interest to succeed the late Hon. Francis Nyenze in 2018 March by elections in Kitui West but was floored during Wiper Party primaries by Nyenze’s widow, Edith Vethi Nyenze, who also managed to scoop the parliamentary seat during the by elections.

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