Care international holds a financial graduation overview in Kitui

Chris Waithaji

Care International,a Non governmental organization is tirelessly working on eradicating ultra poverty in Kitui county.

In an event spearheaded by the organization at Kyuso ward in Mwingi North sub county, Care international seeks to deal with the problem of ultra poverty in the county.

According to Chris Waithaji,a member of the initiative, they are rolling out financial graduation program pilot which will come to a halt next year March.

Care  ensures the residents have dignified life styles which includes healthy diets and access to good health care.

Dominic Musila,a beneficiary outlined how he previously lived a below poverty line life and now he can afford a smile after the organization helped him start a business which is currently doing fine.

Lucy Musyoki,another beneficiary thanked Care International for bettering her life by issuing her with capital to start off a hotel business.

Lucy added that her lifestyle has changed because now she has the confidence to address the community unlike before when she was lavishing in extreme poverty.

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