Mwingi passengers curse ongoing matatu crackdown


Majority of Mwingi commuters have been left complaining for they were left stranded for lack of means of transport.

This is following the ongoing crackdown on motor vehicles on Kenyan roads which has send many vehicles to hiding for fear of facing the law.
Most commuters and matatu operators are now complaining that the reinstatement of Michuki rules caught them abruptly and called for more time to be given for matatu owners to make the necessary changes.
‘we need more time to make the necessary changes for the time we were given is very minimal,’ Joshua Munuve, a matatu owner complained.
Grace Ndanu, a passenger who was heading to Nairobi remained at Mwingi bus station early this morning after the few vehicles available hiked fair from the normal Ksh.300 to Ksh. 700.
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