STATE OF THE COUNTY, Governor Ngilu rolls out the county’s scorecard

Kitui Governor Charity Kaluki Ngilu addressing the MCAs at the Assembly Chambers over the State of the County

KITUI GOVERNOR Hon. Charity Kaluki Ngilu spent Thursday, 15th November at the County Assembly Chambers addressing the members over the State of the County where she highlighted some of her government’s achievements since the take over from her predecessor a year ago.The governor used the time to unzip the key development plans already accomplished and others underway set to benefit the residents upon completion.

One of the dominating projects was quenching the locals long lived thirst through provision of clean adequate water.The county head unwrapped that the county has heavily invested in rehabilitation of dysfunctional water structures to ease water distribution and supply to the local residents for domestic and agricultural use.She disclosed that the stalled boreholes have been rehabilitated, new ones drilled and fitted with solar panels to ease pumping of water to the designated stations where the oeopke can have an easy acess to alongside distributing more than 1600 plastic water tanks to public institutions within the county to increase the water volume.

In the same fight against the prolonged water shortage in the most drier parts of the county, Ngilu said the construction of earth dams is ongoing and is expected to be complete soon.

“We therefore have a plan to put all our boreholes on solar power to reduce the cost of fuel and make water available and affordable at all times”. Ngilu said.

The governor further touched on matters related to county’s sustainable food production plans by briefing the assembly chambers on the agricultural goals her administration has actualized among them being initiating farm mechanization programme to avail the ploughing tractors to the local farmers at a small fee as compared to the private owned sector.The county chief heavily praised the successful Ndengu Revolution, an agricultural plan that saw over 49,000,000 kilogrammes of green grams being produced countywide in the last ploughing season and expressed her anticipation for an increment this season.This has not only boosted the county’s economic plannings but has also helped in tackling the hunger experiences in the county that have left many at verge of death.

Ms. Ngilu added that the County Department of Agriculture and Irrigation has procured ten new tractors to supplement the earlier seven ones bought by the previous government to ensure that the local farmers can easily get the ploughing tractors at a cheaper cost during the onset of rain seasons.The NARC leader further unearthed the plans to procure more tractors to ensure at least each Assembly Ward receives two ploughing tractors.Availing these tractors to the ward level is aimed at enabling locals till their lands at the onset of rains alongside minimising the competition for the already existing farm equipment.The county is also planning to invest on on-farm threshing technologies to reduce labour costs and increase efficiency for farmers.She pledged to establish a Ndengu processing plant before the end of this financial year to handle packaging and branding of the locally produced green grams.

“Our Ministry of Agriculture has therefore initiated the Myanda Irrigation Programme, where we encourage our people to use every available riverine land to grow tomatoes, onion, capsicum, green pepper, cucumber and water melons.We have supported this initiative by providing seeds and pesticides worth Ksh 30 million,” said the Governor.

On health matters, the governor noted the high turnover by the locals at various K-CHIC registrstion points with over 10,000 locals being registered within a period of three months the exercise has been onging.The governor thanked the Kitui County Assembly and its administration for the continued support that has enabled her actualize some of the key issues in her manifesto within a period of one year in office as the county governor.

Barrack Muli, GPS Kitui County

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