Kitui, quest for immediate eviction of Somali bandits intensify

Kitui East MP, Nimrod Mbai with one of a somali shifter

Due to the constant raids by Somali camel herders to Kitui locals’ homes and farms,  the area politicians have intensified their plea to the national government over the immediate restoration of peace in the insecurity stricken parts of Mwingi are on rise with the recent call being made by Ngomeni Ward MCA Mutati Ndinguri.The assembly legislator called upon the government in liaison with the area leadership to formulate a peaceful strategy  will bring to an halt the continued the clashes between the two communities.

MCA Ndinguri added that the attackers should be immediately flushed out with their camels back to their original homelands.He tied the bandits invasion into the northern parts of Kitui county with the increased tension between the locals who are now living in suspense over the series of attacks by these foreigners that have left several dead, others homeless alongside abduction of their children and confiscation of their cattle.

“One wonders for how long will the residents suffer. See, now they are forcing the locals to leave their homsteads for them to graze their camels. They value camels more than human lifes. Who tells them to leave their areas and force themselves in Kitui and instead of coming peacefully they come killing the locals,” wondered Ndinguri.

Bandits attacks from the Somalis have become very rampant in Ukambani. Photo/Nation

The ward representative noted Ngomano and Mandongoi Sub-Locations in Ngomeni ward, Mwingi North constituency as the hot beds of insecurity within the county.Issues of the bandits scrambling the locals meals as they drive them away were also raised by Hon. Mutati while addressing the residents at Ngomeni on Saturday, 17th November.He further attributed the camels to the unknown cattle disease that is spreading in the region posing threat to the livestock farmers.The MCA said the evacuation of these camels from the region as the only solution to curb the spreading of this unidentified livestock disease.Also, Ndinguri expressed his dissatisfaction that over 30 people have lost their lives over the few weeks ago after they were attacked by these fearless Somali bandits who constantly raid their homes heavily armed with guns.

Kithome Muindi, one of the Ngomeni area residents expressed his fear over the brutality and cruelity they are experiencing on their own land from these groups of pastoralists.Kithome added that the camels are trampling over their farms destroying their crops since the rain season has started though the area hasn’t yet received heavy downpour as its anticipated.


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