St. Gabriels’s accident survivors excel


St. Gabriels’ boarding primary school has surprised many with their high scores in this year’s KCPE.

The primary school hit headlines on August 5th after a grisly accident which claimed lives of 10 candidates  at Kanginga Bridge after they were on their way back to Mwingi from after an educational tour in Mombasa.
The ten were the top ten pupils who met their untimely death 5 Kilometers away from their destination, Mwingi town.
Eric Ngombo, an accident survivor was the top student in the school who managed to score 425 marks out of 500.
This comes as a joy to the parents and the entire St. Gabriels’ fraternity for last year’s top candidate scored 405/500 marks.
The candidates who scored above 400 marks are five, above 350 are 29 while those who scored below 350 marks are three.
This year’s mean grade is 373.3 compared to last year’s which was 357.
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