Two faces of Hon. Kasalu, decamping Nairobi for Kitui in 2017

Kitui Women Rep, Hon Irene Kasalu

Despite the freedom of any candidate to contest for any pokitical seat at any part of Kenya, there comes a time when the locals are left wondering why some politicians opt to shift their political turfs.The best answer to what fuels the politicians to decamp from one region to another lies within the mouths of those who attempt the plan.The same can be tied to the shift in the political seat one prefers to contest for whenever elections approach.

The two faces of Kitui Women Rep. Hon. Irene Kasalu have exposed her as a two sided coin political on her journey as she sought ascending into political power.Are you aware that the incumbent Kitui County Women Representative Hon. Dr. Irene Muthoni Kasalu vied the same seat in Nairobi County during 2013 polls? One of the unanswered question is why she used only two names, Dr. Irene Muthoni instead of her official names Dr. Irene Muthoni Kasalu.Did she use her title (Dr) to convince the Nairobians simply because prefer learned people with the best titles?
In 2013, Nairobi County was stronghold of TNA/URP parties that dominated the city.In line to that, one of her names (Muthoni) sounds to have roots in the Central part of the country (Mount Kenya Region name especially from Kikuyu community who constitute the city’s greater population percentage) and hence could easily lure the city electorates to consider voting her their county legislator.This was assumed as one of the many reasons as to why she was floored by her close competitors.

However, even after doing all these she still lost the top county legislator seat to her close competitor but never gave up.Her focused determination has enabled her realise her leadership vision.
In 2017 polls, Dr. Irene Kasalu changed her political turf from the country capital to her home county, Kitui.This time she vied for the seat in Kitui on Kalonzo’s Wiper Party where she carried the day.As opposed to her candidature in Nairobi, Kasalu opted to use her other two names ( Irene Kasalu) and hidden his other name (Muthoni) excluding her title to garner votes from the registered Kitui voters.

Kalembe Ndile leaves JP headquarters for Kasarani on Friday morning Photo/Star

However, Kasalu was not alone in that as the former Kibwezi MP Hon. Kalembe Ndile left his former Kibwezi constituency (now Kibwezi West) in Makueni County after decamping to Jubilee Party for Mavoko constituency in Machakos county.

The best reasons behind her political change is yet to be established owing to the fact that in democratic nation one has right to free and fair elections regardless of the ethnic community he or she comes from.

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