Residents warned against crossing flooded rivers

The Kitui County Commissioner of Police Samuel Kimiti. [Photo/Linah Musangi]

As the peak of the ongoing October – November rain season approaches with the school pupils having closed their schools for December holidays, the County Commissioner of Kitui Mr. Samuel Kimiti has cautioned the locals to be careful about their lives so as to minimize the number of deaths and drowned persons registered during the past rain season.Kimiti called upon the society to work jointly with the government in ensuring no deaths occur during this season.

Considering the high number of the locals who lost their lives at the various parts of the country during the last rain season, Kitui County Commissioner Kimiti has come out to caution the locals from crossing the swollen rivers or even sending their children to the rivers fetch water and watering animals.

The Commissioner lamented over the high number of deaths registered in the previous when compared to the earlier years.He tied the deaths to the parents who don’t even care about whereabouts of their children especially during the vacations.
Kimiti further blamed the parents for sending their children to fetch water from the rivers some with swollen banks which is an impending to human life.

To the children, the Commissioner send his stern warning that immediate legal actions shall be taken to all those who shall be caught swimming or even fishing along the rivers during this ongoing rain season.He tied the children’s negligence to their elders’ caution as one of the most causal agents of these deaths.

“Let me advise residents of Kitui County that no one should attempt to cross any swollen rivers during this rainy season. Let us also monitor our children not to hang out around the banks of swollen rivers to avoid cases of drowning. Let us have lesser cases of fatalities this rainy season”, cautioned Mr. Samuel Kimiti, Kitui County Commissioner.

The Commissioner added that the long vacations are purposed to make the children relax and assist their parents and guardians at home and not to indulge themselves into an I’ll behaviors such as drug and substance abuse that may cause regrets to their future life’s.He challenged the school goers to consider doing something constructive and helpful in their future life’s.

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