Why running a relationship in social media might deny one a lifetime partner

Court declared sex among cousins permissible.

It is said, one has to kiss so many frogs before they finally meet their prince/ princess.

Kissing a frog generally means meeting so many  ‘girls and boys’ who are not meant to be yours or are not your missing ribs.
These frogs are characterized by so many break ups and heart aches which leave one so broken swearing not to love again but find themselves in arms of other people who promise to help them overcome the heart break this leading to another relationship which might end up in insults on social media platforms.
Social media platforms will never be boring for most couples have decided to tell us their private lives here so we keep following to be informed.
Telling us how you love Bae will later work against you when you start washing your dirty linen in public.
In the past few weeks, a celebrity couple has left their followers mouth wide open after telling us some ‘nonsense’ which is better when only kept to them.
Socialite Vera Sidika and her ex boyfriend Otile Brown have left funs disappointed after their flashy relationships which was highly publicised in social media was washed downstream by one strong negative post the curvy lady posted.
If the guy’s manhood is a short gun and he is poor in bed this implying he is not a bedroom bully, going further to tell us that he ‘dies fast’, do you think this is how issues are dealt with maturely?
Otile being a secular music star will definitely find it hard to convince the next girlfriend after Vera told the other potential suitors that since the musician is a poor performer, she plays with herself, (masturbates) while he is asleep in order to satisfy herself after she is left high and dry.
Vera on the other end will find it cumbersome to have a major come back for the next suitor must be prepared to deal with the shame posed to him after she takes screen shots of their intimate talks to the social media.
The next ‘victim ‘should also be prepared to come to terms with a woman who wants long and big guns for the wood must be enough for the fire.
I am sure many pity Brown after this horrific blow and most ladies might be reluctant to engage the poor bed room master.
A piece of advice, keep your bedroom matters in bedroom. Those in the sitting room are not interested.
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