COMIC, why people turn their heads chuckling on hearing your name


Ever experienced a party or gathering turn into a laughter zone when some members are either called or mentioned loudly by their names? Whenever some are called by their their names whether at a public gathering or societal function you can’t miss to find a couple of the party goers chuckling endlessly or even others bursting into laughter yet they can’t verify the driving thrust for that within the public context they’re in.

This inward laugh by some members usually emanates from the funny names tied to such people though it’s socially acceptable to bear a name regardless of its meaning.

All this is brought about by having your name tied to the most funny things including having your name extending to the domestic and wild animals.This doubling of names has been the most propellant to the endless laughter at the parties and public places.

The most hilarious doubling names;

Having your name as Nzoka (snake), Mbiti (hyena), Kasau (calf), Nzee (porcupine), Nguuwe (pig), Mboo (buffalo), Mbuku (hare), Munyambu (lion), or Mbiwa (fox), Ngiti (dog), Ng’ombe (cow), or Nguku (chicken).Nzai(zebra), Nguli(monkey), Nduu/Mutono(squirrel), Kavii (dicdick) is likely to bring about the craziness to some people you ever meet in life.

The children are the most crazy creatures since they’ll keep calling your name simply to derive comic and force to keep the chuckling momentum ongoing.

However, other names result from seasons, occurrences and other daily experiences as listed;

Nduku (girl) and Mutuku (boy) means one who was born at night.
Loko (girl) and Kioko (boy) means one who was born in the morning.
Mumbua/Syombua (girl) and Wambua (boy) means one was born during the rain season.
Wayua (girl) and Munyao (boy) means one who was born during the periods of famine and drought respectively.Wasua (boy) born during the striking sun, Nthenya (girl) born during the day time.
Makau or Mukiti (boy) one born during the times of war.
Musyoka/ Kasyoka/ Musyoki/ Kasyoki (boy) means one born during re-incarnation of a dead family member,

Mutua (boy) and Mwikali (girl) can either indicate the mother’s long gestation period or the prolonged period the patients waited before getting a child.
Mueni/ Waeni (girl) one born during visitation or the time of visitors.
Maundu (boy) one born during the time when the family, clan or the society is experiencing many activcities.

Other common male names are; Mutongoi (leader), Musili (judge), Muthui (the rich one), Ngumbau (hero), Kilonzo (much noise), Mumo (grace) , Muthui (the wealthy) Kitonga/ Mbulu (the rich one),Musumbi (king), Muthama/Muthami (born during migration)
Female names ; Mumbe (a beautiful girl)

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