Parliament cannot run from two thirds gender rule, Nimrod Mbai

Only one day is remaining for Kenyan Mps to decided whether they will be passing the two thirds gender rule or will be sweeping it under the carpet.

With the bill arousing a lot of heated debate where some law makers think this is a chance of some party leaders’ girlfriends to slay their way into the parliament, Kitui East Mp has a different thought.

Nimrod Mbai has declared his stand by saying that he has thrown all his weight behind the bill and will vote for it come Wednesday.
The Kitui East legislator states that parliament cannot run away from the two thirds gender rule because it is clearly stated in the constitution.

‘the constitution is very clear that in every official congregation the two thirds gender rule is provided,’ the Jubilee party elected Mp said
The Bill is majorly aimed at raising the number of women Mps to be a third of the number which is 349.
This lawmaker added that women are noble, trustworthy and honest this placing them in a better chance to increase their number in the parliament.
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