Eradication of probox has rendered most youths jobless, Nguna


Mwingi West legislator Charles Nguna has pleaded with the Jubilee government to reconsider banning of probox transport business in the country.

Speaking in Mbondoni area within his constituency, Nguna stated that the invention of  probox during Kibaki’s regime has led to lots of benefits among them being creating employment to majority of the youths.
‘ever since this business started, so many youths who were jobless have secured jobs this leading to lowering of crimes among other indecent acts,’ stated the first term Mp.
According to Peter Mulei, Mwingi West business man, Probox have bridged the transport gap especially in rural areas and made movement easier for most matatu do not reach the remote / interior areas.
Nguna urged the Central government to consider these facts and re consider the decision of wiping them out of the transport business for Bodaboda and probox controls 4 billion in Kenya’s economy.
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