Love seeker: Kitui witchery turns Migori husband into a snake


A Migori woman is now under depression following the failure of the charms she acquired from Kitui witchdoctor to work as she had been promised.The woman is reported to have quietly trailed from Migori County to Ukambani so as to consult a witchery on how to fasten her collapsing marriage after constant theatric dramas of pointing a finger of unfaithfulness to her partner.She claimed the husband wasn’t faithful enough to her hence her long journey to South Eastern parts of Kenya to affirm their relationship.

The witch consultant’s high affinity to the witchcraft has turned the village tongueless after they witnessed her beloved husband having turned into a huge snake.The consultant confirmed that she was handed over the love potions by the witchdoctor that would tame her husband and direct his love to her only.She added that the witchery performed his paraphernalia and thereafter handed over the love charms to her.

The love seeker’s attempt to use the charms following the doctors prescriptions on her arrival at home from Kitui turned into a shock on seeing her husband slowly turning into a snake.She couldn’t believe whether that could happen but came to realize when her only life partner assumed the shape of a huge snake.Her endless trials to reverse the action proved futile since she had already followed the ‘doctor’s prescriptions’ ready to have a better husband.

The woman is now living in a state of fear and desperation after her trials to get a motor car to Kitui has borne no fruits as the matatu drivers have refused to let her and the big snake aboard their vehicles fearing that something unusual right happen while they’re keen steering to Kitui.

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