School in Mwingi complains of not being recognized despite hardwork


The school which emerged top in this year’s KCPE in Kitui county with a mean grade of 381.79 is complaining of discrimination and failure of recognition even after attaining exemplary performance for the last two years.


Racefield Academy which is located at Ndaluni Location in Mwingi central sub county within Kitui County managed to have five students with more than 400 marks, with the last pupil scoring 353 marks. This gave them a mean score of 381.79 hence making them the best in Kitui.


According to the school head teacher Mr. Simon Nzeka, the school has been performing well in the last few years having managed to be the second best in Kitui with a mean score of 375.13 last year and led in three subjects; Maths, science and social studies.


However, according to Mr. Nzeka the school was not recognized in any way by the county government and their position was occupied by other schools when the county government was awarding top performance.


The head teacher said they are now in fear they might also be left out in this year’s awards despite emerging victorious, for according to media reports they have been ranked second and not first.


The school director Felistus Muna, has called for honesty of schools in the reports they give to the media as their school has even gone to an extent of contacting KNEC and obtaining a document containing results for all schools in the country to confirm their position.


Felistus Muna, Race field Academy Director


She called upon the county government through the office of the county director of education to be fair when ranking schools for the annual prize giving day.



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