Revival of the Scenic Ikoo Valley set to integrate County’s Tourism Grid

Kitui CECM for Tourism, Sports and Culture Hon. Patrick Musau at the main gate to the V-shaped Iko Valley Stretch in Mwingi.

The County government of Kitui through the Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture under headship of Hon. Patrick Musau has unearthed the plans to boost the county tourism grid through revival of the unsung potential touristic sites across the vast county.The county seeks to register an increment to its revenue collection to hasten service delivery to the local citizens through harnessing the iconic sites at the forefront being the scenic Ikoo Valley Stretch in Migwani, Mwingi West Sub County.

Through the County’s Tourism, Sports and Culture Department, Governor Charity Ngilu’s administration is focused to complete the tourism circuit in the county by integrating the county’s tourism grid.The site view provides a beautiful gate way for nature photography and travelogy documentaries production.

For the last one year, Kitui county has been on run to make Kitui one of the tourist hubs in Kenya.Speaking at the base of the V- shaped Ikoo Valley on his tour to the site, Kitui CECM Sports and Culture Hon. Patrick Musau unzipped the county’s plans to establish an extensive view point at the base of the iconic feature.The viewpoint’s gate shall serve as administration centre among other touristic functions.Construction of modern parking is also planned to provide ample parking and enhance the safety of the visiting tourist’s motor cars.

Other target sites set to be revived alongside Ikoo Valley are Nzambani Rock in Kitui Central, Mwingi North Game Reserve, Kitui South Game Reserve, Kanyoonyoo Conservancy and Muumoni Hills Bird Sanctuary.Noting the low number of visitors registered at these sites, the county government through the help of Governor Charity Ngilu has drafted development plans seeking to boost the touring visitors.

The CECM further pointed out the setting up of a zip line and the nature trails to ease tourist’s manoeuvering along the valley which upon completion are set to boost both domestic and foreign tourism.Kuvasila could not hide the county’s joy to the ongoing construction of Kibwezi- Mutomo -Kitui- Kandwia Highway that is set to open up the interior for exploration upon completion.

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