EASING NAVIGATION, Traffic Snarl Ups Evading Formula in Nairobi

Lorries packed in Kitui town on route to Nairobi.

Curbing the frequently experienced traffic snarl ups has been one of the challenging endeavors the County Government of Nairobi has faced while seeking streamlined motor car flow at the Kenya’s main economic artery, Nairobi City.Several measures including the ban of the public service transport vehicles at the Central Business District (CBD) among other gridlock evading formulas have borne no fruits.With the success of traffic eradication programmes in London and Beijing under the input of Washington Yotto Ochieng, Kenya’s London based Professor, the Nairobi city snarl ups menace can also be rooted out permanently.

Regulating the gridlocked flow in Nairobi city among other mushrooming cities has been prioritized to assure the car drivers a smooth flow along the busy highways.Young growing towns in Kenya have been facing the challenge of traffic and human congestion especially at their Central Business Districts.The booming towns in Africa have their streets and pedestrian walks ever overcrowded a condition that has been hampering posing passage of motor vehicles to destined work locations with ease.

Professor Washington Yotto Ochieng, a Kenyan Professor based in the Great Britain has assisted UK’s London and China’s Beijing and London in curbing the traffic .The Professor landed in United Kingdom in 1989 to further his studies where his education mission turned into success and garnered him fame all over the world.His name hit the news headlines severally following the success of his London Congestion System.

Prof. Ochieng is among the two African lecturers at Imperial University College.The Prof. heads the Transport Department which serve as the biggest world transport studies centre at this London based university.In a university with more than 3,000 lecturers, the Kenyan elite chairs the Positioning and Navigation Systems, a body that aided in structuring the European Navigation System.His devotion has saw him accumulate accumulate global awards and at the same time rise through ranks into senior positions.

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