Local footballers plant over 3,000 tree seedlings in Mwingi


The ambitious Kitui based footballers spent their Saturday 8th December at the slopes of Kyamutotya Hills in Mwingi West Sub County as they marked the year’s Annual Tree Planting Day.Accompanying the members of Kea Green Stars Football Club was Dr. Temi Mutia, Kitui County Value Chain Officer, who represented Governor Charity Ngilu in the environmental conservation exercise.

Governor Ngilu’s message to the youths as read by Dr. Mutia was a caution to the youths to keep off antisocially accepted ills that may land them into trouble especially during this festive season.Ngilu heaped praises to the participants for considering taking such move to reverse adverse climatic conditions through conserving the environment.

Kyamutotya Hill Forest is the only surviving water tower serving as the life-line of Muivu villagers in Nguutani Ward, Mwingi West.The tower’s water holding volume decreased significantly following the clearance of the vegetative cover early 90s.The uncontrolled Shamba System left locals thirsty after it claimed large acreage of the water catchment site forest cover gearing the faster drying up of the rivers the villagers highly depend on for domestic and commercial purpose.

This years Kyamutotya Annual Tree Planting Day had drawn attention from other county based environment conserving groups including Friends of Kyamutotya Action Group who donated over 1,000 seedlings for the occasion.This group has over the last 4 years been planting an average of 5,000 seedlings annually across the county in an attempt to put more bare land under vegetation cover.

The joint forces between the area footballers and a section of Kyamutotya Action Group who had availed themselves for the tree planting exercise managed to plant over 3,000 seedlings along the hill slopes with indigenous tree plant seedlings constituting the greatest percentage of the planted seedlings.

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