Mca demands contractor to pay his residents


Kyuso member of county assembly, Stephen Makau has urgently demanded the contractor in charge of Kandwia, Tseikuru road to come out and pay his workers.


Stephen has commanded Global Engineering company to pay these people for they worked for him else they take the next stern action.


Close to 100 laborers who were employed by Global Engineering company have not been paid for three months now and the contractor has eloped into thin air.


The workers who include both young and married women have reported to relevant authorities including taking their a grievances to the DCC’s office but their efforts have been futile.


Agnes Kyule, who owes Global Engineering company Ksh.27,000 says she nearly experienced problems with her husband after she failed to come home with any money.


Agnes was granted permission to work at the construction site only if she would financially assist the husband to settle some financial issues they experienced.

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‘we have three children in secondary school and my husband expected me to help him pay their school feel only to come home empty handed,’ disillusioned Agnes narrated.


A middle aged man who worked as the company’s mechanic owes them Ksh. 110, 000. On asking for his money, he was accused of inciting the other laborers to burn down the site.


‘ All we want is our money. We are tired of being told inappropriate stories by this contractor,’ another worker added.


Mca Makau, who is also the Majority chief whip in Kitui County Assembly has pleaded with the national government to award a different contractor this main road. One who cares about the welfare of the workers and who will deliver accordingly.


‘we need a responsible contractor who will be responsible and one who will work peacefully with the locals,’ the county legislator added.


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