Mp’s heartbreaking words to suffering residents

Mwingi North MP - Paul Musyimi Nzengu

A section of Kyuso residents have accused  their Member of Parliament, Paul Nzengu of breaking their hearts following distasteful utterances at a time when they needed him most.


Over 90 casual laborers approached the legislator seeking help after the contractor who had hired them disappeared without paying them.


To their surprise, the Mp told them to wait for he himself is a contractor and an Engineer  too and has not been paid where he has worked. So they should also wait.

‘we approached our Mp telling him to help us get paid by the contractor but what he told us was upsetting,’ John Wambua, a Global Engineering Company worker said.

The workers who were on temporary employment are owing Global Engineering Company for three months now with some owing up to ksh.110,000 each.


These Mwingi North constituents had high hopes with the legislator that he would intervene and they get paid their dues.

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Some of these casual workers outlined the challenges they are facing for  they solely depended on this very  hard kibarua.


Under the scorching sun, they labored in vain.


According to these residents,Global engineering company has not only disappeared with the laborers money but has also abandoned the construction of Kandwia, Tseikuru road. Following the recent heavy rains in the area, a section of the road  at Gai market has been cut off .


The contractor has put no road  sign indicating that the road is impassable.



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