As Musangi lives from hand to mouth, ‘Kitui owners’ pocket millions in a twinkle of an eye


Kitui County is clearly indicating that it serves not the interests of Musangi but fattening of the already fat big fish.

Poverty stricken Musangi will continue carrying a heavy cross, bearing all the pain while the few people who benefit from the government’s money, their lives are worth more living.

Few weeks ago, youths were contracted by their village administrators for bush clearing in all the 8 sub counties of Kitui.
The energetic jobless  youths were to be paid as little as ksh.350 per day after the hard labor for nine day where up to date, they have not been paid their peanuts.
Their members of county assembly were told that the program would not be contracted.
Proxy companies were immediately formed by Kitui’s big, fat fish to chew Kituians money.
The 8 contractors, (one in each sub county) had no role whatsoever concerning bush clearing yet they were awarded handsomely.
So, is this the youth empowerment we were told about?
This is a crystal clear indication of youth exploitation.
Misusing our learned youths who can hardly secure employment in the county government to benefit old contractors.
Bush clearing under Ukambani’s scorching sun while another is taking home ksh. 1.5 million having done nothing is the worst injustice the county government can do our youths after their empty promises.
Kitui County trending for the wrong reasons
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