Kitui Senator bitterly attacks the County Executive

Kitui Senator, Hon Enoch Kiio Wambua

Kitui County Senator Hon. Enoch Wambua has come out publicly to condemn the lengthy dramatical theatrics that almost spurred to exchange of blows on Thursday between the MCAs and a section of angry youths who barred the county legislators from entering into the Assembly Chambers for their usual legislative duties.

The Senator termed the attempt to block MCAs from accessing the County Assembly floor as an attack on people’s popular democracy and high level betrayal exposing the extent to which the County Executive is geared to a deep ditch by likening the management of county affairs to a sinking ship.

“In this day and age, it is unthinkable that an elected leader would imagine that a county can be run through command and control. This simplistic thinking and raw impunity, if not neutered, shall continue to produce the laughable results we see all over the county. And in the final analysis, it is the people of Kitui County who will bear the brunt of mismanagement,”unhappy Senator Wambua said.

The County overseer added that the Ward Representatives must be given their free space and easy time as constitutionally stipulated to enable them tackle their mandate tasked to them by their respective electorates.He said such shameful actions would gear the derailment of the already launched development projects yielding the partial fulfillment by the devolved unit governance.Hon. Enoch Wambua added that any controversial matter should be tabled before the Assembly for debate and determination.

Wambua cautioned the county youths against opting to engage themselves into such evil planned undertakings made to suppress cursed one arm of the county government at the expense of the other.He also directed his finger of blame to the political leaders to desist from rallying up the youths to further their own agendas.

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