Kitui – County Executive supressed by the intimidative Assembly

Kitui County Assembly's Chambers

As constitutionally clarified, the role of the County Assembly in oversighting the County Executive is critical but must be exercised within the structural and functionality limits free from intimidation or threats to the Executive arm.The County Assembly is mandated to oversee the operations by the County Executive with a distinct separation of powers between the two arms of County Government.

However, the oversight role must be done diligently and in a structured way, devoid of lynch mobbing as is currently being witnessed within the County Assembly of Kitui.

The Executive has brought to light that the County Assembly has been summoning some of the CECs to appear before the Assembly Committees to clarify controversial issues with issuance of a short notice making it hard for them to attend such summons.

At the moment is the impeachment motion by the county legislators to oust the County Treasury CECM Hon. Mary Nguli over uneven fund allocation allegations.It has become evident that the Treasury CEC was invited to appear before Assembly Committee to discuss the Supplementary Budget on 28th May 2018 at Nairobi through a letter dated the 27th May 2018 but served one hour before the scheduled time of the meeting.

A close aide to the CECM unearthed that a similar incident happened to her mid this year where she was notified to appear before the same committee on 16th May 2018 at Mombasa via a letter dated the 15th May 2018, received same day of meeting barely three hours before the meeting.

The demanding situation trailed with a series of impeachment threats by the MCAs has been forcing the CECMs to cope with the stressful working environment whenever they appear before the House Committees.

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