Quest for a formidable Economic Bloc – Governor Ngilu


Kitui Governor H.E Charity Kaluki Ngilu has come out publicly to express her commitment to gang up her Machakos and Makueni counterparts in the journey to spearhead the formation of an Economic Bloc composing the three Ukambani counties. Ngilu used the podium to reinstate her earlier remarks that the fate of the dry Ukambani region relies upon the joint efforts by the trio Ukambani governors.Ngilu termed the area leadership unity as the only channel to foster speedy realisation of the ‘Promised Land’ in the area that has been lagging behind economically for years since attainment of self rule.

Addressing the congregation at St. Christopher Catholic Church Kyumbi in Machakos County where she had joined the faithfuls for a joint Sunday Service, Ngilu advised her Machakos and Makueni counterparts to keep off their earlier tussle over the location of the much expected Konza Techno City.She added that the continued debate over the exact location of the techno city isn’t worth debating since the city’s remains within Ukambani regardless of whether the largest portion extents to either Governor Mutua’s Machakos or Kibwana’s Makueni County.

Noting the colossal benefits the three adjacent Ukambani counties are expected to reap upon realisation of the Techno City, Ms. Ngilu further stressed on the immediacy of gearing their efforts towards uplifting the region’s Economic Bloc, SEKEB in an attempt to make the region self dependent.

“We have Tana and Athi Rivers passing through our counties. We have adequate land, labour and capital yet we consume vegetables bought from other regions. The buy Kitui build Kitui is a case of my commitment to strengthening my people…We have Fruit and Milk Processing plant in Makueni, Cheap and affordable medical covers in the three Counties, Ndengu revolution in Kitui and Makueni Counties and the Mianda irrigation program in Kitui, which can also be rolled out in the other counties and the Konza City project,” she said.

Concerning her newly opened County Garment Factory, KICOTEC, Governor Ngilu briefed that the factory has so far received more than 74,000 garment orders within the short life span the factory has been operational mid this year.

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