Why Ndee community feels neglected


A section of Mwingi town residents are pleading with the county government to quickly step in and improve infrastructure in the area, a problem they have endured for over five years now.

According to the locale residents, a road enhancement and security lights joining old market and Kasina primary school will get to the bottom of insecurity menace and solve transport hiccups around the area.
Dark streets, no street lights
On 25 December 2016, a person was found dead in the area thus posing a major security threat in the area.
” For over five years now, our street has no lights and the road is impassable,”Ben Mati, a resident cried out.
” We  want road improvement and security lights to join old market and Kasina primary school,”he further articulated.
However, two letters calling for the same have been sent to Mwingi town administrator, Madam Grace. The letters were put in writing by Mwingi town Hand carts association in April and November 2018 with copies to Sub county Administrator, Ward Administrator and the village Administrator.
According to Ben Mati, who was acting on behalf of the self help group, when he met The town Admin on  23/4/2018, she was so full of ‘immediate action’ promises which have since proved empty.
The area Member of County Assembly, Mary Kanini who got the letter on 23/4/2018 promised to follow up yet nothing has been done.
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