Embracing knowledge advancement for our citizens

Deputy president william ruto at a past event/Mumo Agnes

Friday 21st, December 2018 was a great day for the Deputy President H.E William Ruto as he joined thousands of University of Nairobi graduands for an award of PHD honour in Plant Ecology.Thereafter, analytical views centered on his political career that ignored his academic milestones for the last six years he has been serving as the DP and the value that this degree offers to our socio-economy.

Shortly after the award of the academic honour to the DP, a series of theories inquiring into his newly attained academic honour spurred.The locals joined the scholars in keeping up the fire lit as the discussions over DP’s academic excellence kept spreading.The continued attacks on how he arrived at the achievement may be interpreted as an attack on our institutions credibility and or fear of the unknown by his political nemesis and which should not be a distraction for those who would wish to study

DP Ruto’s success can be likened to the noble achievement realized after the maximum attention is given to the farm crop (flowering millet) during the maturity stage for optimum harvest.These energies ought to focus more on the beneficial outputs that accompany the achievement like that of advancing new knowledge and fighting ignorance

DP Ruto’s achievement is a yardstick for other Kenyans and should be emulated by the young generation that think success should come along quickly and begin employing short term tactics that end up in Limbo.We have heard of few political leaders with questionable education certificates. This qualifies to be an integrity issues as stipulated in chapter Six of our constitution and should bear much critique and possible action

The era of propaganda is taking shape in our country and requires an immediate check by the relevant authorities before great things begin fall wayside.Let us give credit where due, appreciate the great milestone realized and advance the culture of reading as we usher in 2019

  • Happy New Year to all Kenyans
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