Measures set in St. Gabriels’ primary school to avoid accidents in future



St. Gabriels’ boarding Primary school hit headlines on 5th August last year after a grisly road accident at Kanginga Bridge near Mwingi Town claimed lives of ten pupils.


On Friday, 4/1/2019 the school held a prize giving day to award the pupils who scored 400 marks and above. The pupils, who were five in number, helped the school attain a mean score of 373.3.



According to Father Julius Muthamba, who is the education Coordinator in Catholic diocese of Kitui said that it was quite a blessing from God for the school to produce such good performance even after the traumatizing accident.


” we are so happy and thank God for helping us attain such high marks despite all that happened in August 5th,” jovial Julius said.



Father Muthamba said that the Catholic diocese of Kitui has put all necessary measures in order to avoid similar accidents in future by ensuring that all traffic rules and regulations are strictly adhered to and all safety precautions for pupils are followed.


” we will ensure our pupils travel during the day,

We do not overload pupils in our buses

Our pupils are always accompanied by teachers when they have to travel,” stated Father Muthamba.


However, Mr Muthamba said that he is not comfortable with the directive by the ministry of education demanding all pupils to report to the respective schools as selected by the ministry, failure to which they won’t be sponsored by the government.


He called upon the ministry to reconsider its stance as some parents are very poor and can’t even afford fare to some of the schools where some pupils had been selected to join, opting to instead seek places in nearby.

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