Mwingi Mca regrets being elected under Ngilu’s regime

H.E Charity Ngilu, Kitui Governor. Photo: Barrack Muli

Kivou member of county assembly popularly know as Maema publicly regretted being elected under Ngilu’s ‘cumbersome’ regime.

In a heated debate in one of Kitui’s active  Whatsap group, Mca Maema wrote, ‘.. By the way Sitaki Mca ya shida kama ya Ngilu,,,, nitaenda kutahiri
The county legislator clearly pointed out that his former job of circumcising boys is far much better compared to being a Mca under the difficult Mama’ s regime.
Maema complained of a county where  two or three wards are given attention the rest being sidelined.
“kama Kitui ni ward moja ama tatu Wacha ikae, Sitaki mbee nzei itekindu”
His statement that loosely translates to, if Kitui means one, two or three wards, I quit.. I do not want a doomed future.
The war between the county executive and the Assembly seem to intensity as majority of the county law makers are furious with Governor Ngilu’s government.
“… Unless Governor Ngilu awe out Sitaki Mca ya shida,” furious Kivou Mca wrote
Some participants found the comments unnecessary adding that the rift should be solved amicably, while others felt the current regime being so corrupt and that Mama should be termed former Mheshimiwa come 2022.
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