It is a pity for Kitui if Governor can lie in church, Mca Kawaya

Mheshimiwa Alex Kawaya Nuu ward

Having previously passed three supplementary bills, majority of Kitui County lawmakers are reluctant to pass another unless they get a clear explanation on how money in the main budget was used.


Yesterday(Sunday) , Governor Ngilu accused mcas of their urge to squander Musangi’s money by wanting the Governor to take them to Mombasa every weekend for leisure.


In response, Nuu Mca, Alex Musili told the governor that she should tell residents the truth on how money was used rather than lie to residents accusing mcas of misusing County funds.


“Tell locals what happened to money passed in previous budgets and stop lying to our people in church,” Kawaya, as the mca is commonly known said.


Matters concerning fresh elections, Kawaya said he is ready if that will mean residents getting developments.



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