Kuvasila mind your own business and shun politics, Kyome mca to CECM

Patrick Koki Musau - Kitui, Sports and Tourism CEC


Kyome Thaana Mca, Alex Wambua has advised Kitui’s Tourism CECM, Koki Musau to disassociate himself with politics and center on his docket.



Addressing mourners at AIC Kyome during the final journey of one Mzee John Mwinzi, Wambua told Koki, alias Kuvasila to mind his own p’s and q’s for the consequences of what he is indulging in might be dire.



“cease inciting other county executive officers to tell residents county legislators are challenging the Governor. We are only fighting for benefits and rights of our people,” the Wiper Mca solidly spoke.


Wambua further cautioned his people to be watchful not to be fooled by the officers who come to dance with them during county events lying to them at the expense of their joy which is development.


In response to the obvious question of why the ward is under developed so far, he said the money allocated to Kyome ward was used in other unplanned projects in other wards.


“Residents should be treated equally. I will not allow my people to suffer as other wards are developing because they massively voted for governor or the governor /minister has interest in the said few wards, ” added Wambua.


Lastly, the county law maker told locals that before they sack the mcas, the legislators will sack those barring developments first to pave way for developments and stop tarnishing mcas names.



” We will use our powers to send home the corrupt officers when we resume session come February for this government is headed to the bush,” cautioned Wambua.





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