Governor Ngilu has ignored needs of Kitui people, Mwingi Mca


Kitui’s Chief Whip, Makau Kivunzi accused Governor Ngilu of ignoring the needs of Kitui residents presented to her through public participations.


Kivunzi, who is also the MCA in the largest ward of Kitui, said what locals wanted is different from what they got almost two years after the last general election.


“Residents in all the 40 wards have different needs and that is why public participations are conducted,” Kivunzi stated.


“Despite them having different wants, all they received is Kicotec which is based in Syongila and stone crushers in Kwa Vonza, Kitui Rural,” the Kitui County legislator pointed out.


The wiper party Mca wondered how the two (Kicotec and stone crushers) will help a local in Kyuso emphasizing residents should be given what they asked for.



According to the first term county law maker, if one takes a walk round the county, there are no evidences of attempts to construct drifts or even culverts in areas where roads are impassable.


“It is almost two years since madam giver ascended to her thrown and residents can bear me witness that nothing has been done,” Kivunzi further noted.


“All we want is Governor Ngilu to deliver, ” concluded Mca Makau.




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