What Mca wants from Ngilu before her ‘incompetence forces’ her to disband the county


Majority of Kitui County lawmakers seem disappointed with the recent deeds of the county executive among them Governor’s utterances in AIC Kasina 6/1/2019.

The county head accused Mcas of failing to pass the supplementary bill because they want her to take them to Mombasa every weekend for leisure.
She further noted on the need to disband the county and call for fresh elections if Mcas continue holding her government at ransom.
Despite them rebuking her for lying in church, her sentiments were massively welcomed by majority of Mcas stating they are very ready for dissolution so long as locals will elect a leader who will focus on bringing them developments.
“Tuko tayari kuliko jana, we go back to our voters and it is evident they know what is happening in Kitui, they then elect leaders who will mind their wellbeing,” Nuu Mca pointed out.
Mheshimiwa Alex Kawaya Nuu ward
Kyome, Thaana Mca also added that it is better if the county is disbanded other than the current mess which is highly affecting Musangi.
Kyome/Thaana Mca, Alex Wambua
Kitui Chief Whip, Stephen Kivunzi told Governor to dissolve the county if she is unable to head it.
Kitui’s Chief Whip and Kyuso Mca, Stephen Makau
But before that, Kivunzi told the governor to first print copies of the main budget passed in June last year and those of the current supplementary budget for wananchi to judge ber government accordingly.
“I know Ngilu is capable of producing copies of both budgets and issue each ward with ten copies for Musansi and Nzangi to know what exactly happening in Kitui,” unshaken Kivunzi said.
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