Kitui top government official declares being gay



Kitui Governor’s Chief Policy Advisor has this afternoon shocked Kitui residents after declaring he is GAY!

Following a heated Whatsap conversation, which was triggered by claims that he left for New York for 5 days on an official visit after which he gave no report after landing back to our ‘Mbee Nzei” hood.
The former Ngomeni Mca breathing fire responded  that he has never seen public officers write report to dungeon crawlers.
However while responding to what he was again told, to be hooked up with a girl from a recent class of artisanal miners at Seku, he publicly stated,
“stop wasting other people’s time. I am gay, so the day you get the courage to come out of the dungeon I will have you for a” wife”.
This triggered a very heated debate in this popular kitui Whatsap group leaving participants wondering what pushed this high profile county official to make such embarrassing remarks.
# Mbee Nzei


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