County executive and Assembly standoff is a fight in bedroom, Mca warns outsiders to keep off.



Kitui is experiencing an impasse between the county assembly and the executive. An occurrence which has left majority of leaders reacting on the same.
The deadlock which has resulted when majority of Mcas rejected a supplementary budget brought to the floor by the administration, has led to Kitui’s Governor and Mcas differing especially when she accused Mcas of failing to pass the supplementary budget because they want her to take them to Mombasa every weekend for leisure.
Her sentiments were highly rebuked by majority of county legislators adding it is a shame for a leader in her position to lie in church.
Surprisingly, it is the Governor who had written to them thrice asking to take them to Mombasa according to Tseikuru Mca, Boniface Kilaa.
However, Muumoni Mca, Johnson Kanandu has warned those involving themselves in this fight that they should keep off for the war is between the assembly and executive not everyone.
Promising residents of a soon peaceful Kitui, Kanandu added that whatever is happening is for the better of Musangi whom they value.
“Locals are ever in our minds, for they are the ones who set us in power, what is happening is that we are setting things right for them,” clarified the wiper elect Mca.
“We have to pose questions and seek answers, then come together and look for a way forward and that is what happening, there is nothing other than that,” concluded Kanandu.
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