Kitui Senator accompanies County legislators to put Kitui’s records straight

From left to right, Nguutani Mca, Stephen Katana, Kitui Senator Enoch Kiio, Migwani Mca Phillip Nguli, Kyome, Thaana Mca Alex Wambua and Nuu Mca Alex Musili in Kyome market. photo/Linah Musangi


Mwingi west today(Sunday ) welcomed dignitaries from the senate and county government in a bid to instill facts into residents.

Led by Kitui Senator, Enoch Kiio Wambua, the main reason for the rally was to put records straight for Kitui is headed to the wrong direction especially when leaders cheat in church for this might lead to experiencing God’s wrath in the county.

“My aim is not to cause problems between Ngilu and Mcas but I urge Kitui leaders to sit and solve this impasse for the benefit of Musangi,” clarified Kiio

According to the host, Kyome thaana Mca, Alex Wambua, the leaders decided to come closer to locals disclosing the truth about what is happening in Kitui thus delayed projects accompanied by other major hiccups.

” whatever projects you requested must be be delivered to you for it is not a request but your right to be fully served,” Wambua assured his voters.

” we will not waste five years begging the Governor to serve our people, it is time people get what they need because they had confidence in us and elected us,” added Alex.

Mca Phillip Nguli alias Kalumaita of Migwani who is also an official in the budget committee insisted on those projects omitted in the supplementary budget such as construction of Ecde classes, tarmac king of ward headquarters , installation of transformers, street lights to be included for them to pass it urging locals to back them in this fight and ignore propaganda.

Nguutani Mca, Stephen Katana who is also a member of heath committee, urged the county government to fully utilize K_chic  and avoid giving patients panadol to kill pain and piriton to accelerate sleep.

Nuu ward Mca, Alex Musili warned locals against being cheated adding they do not need any favors to pass supplementary budget rubbishing claims that it’s not only wiper Mcas who rejected the budget for he rejected it and he is a Jubilee elect Mca.

The first term Mca has pleaded with the governor to change and work with all leaders for Kitui to move forward.


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