Ngilu’s regime doesn’t care about education, Mwingi Mcas

In the era we are living in today, education has become the backbone of a better tomorrow. In order for one to knock doors and for them to be opened, they have to have the necessary papers.
However, in county 015,education is not accorded much attention and majority of pupils are no longer comfortable as they seek for the next engineers, doctors, pilots, journalists… Something which has left many worried.
Confirming that the current Governor doesn’t pay much attention to education, Wangwiu Primary school in Nuu ward in Mwingi east sub county suffers from lack of teachers, better classrooms or even desks to sit on.
The area Mca, Hon . Alex Kawaya told Kitui Online that he is very willing to oversight the construction of classes in this school but his hands are tied for there is no money allocated here.
“it pains me to see children seated on floor for lack of desks but how do I make them comfortable while there is no money for building classes in the budget,” wondered the Jubilee party elected Mca
Wangwiu primary school in Nuu ward

According to Tseikuru Mca, Boniface Kilaa, Govornor Ngilu  has no agenda for education because very little is allocated to education in her budgets.

“if we can go by previous supplementary budgets and the one which recently flopped,very little is allocated to education,”pointed out Kilaa.
Surprisingly,  the peanuts allocated to learning sectors is usually transferred to other ministries such as trade or agriculture dockets.
” In the recent flopped supplementary budget, the County Executive scraped off Ksh. 40 Million allocated for Ecde classrooms yet the ministry had advertised for the classrooms. Contractors applied and paid prerequisite tender fees, who will compensate them for this loss?,”questioned the budget committee chair
In addition, county lawmakers had advised locals that each ward is getting one classroom.
” This makes everyone including county executive look stupid before the eyes of Musangi, “disappointed Kilaa added
“Education is the back bone of any society but in kitui is the short end of the tail,” the first term Mca concluded.
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