Ukambani Governors Formulate Reinforcement Arm to SEKEB


In what has been termed as the community development plan by the three Ukambani governors to alleviate the locals from the chains of poverty, hunger, disease and inadequacy of clean water, the three met earlier today to seek the mechanism that would pave way for the successful formation of the Empowerment Movement under the region’s Economic Bloc, South Eastern Kenya Economic Bloc (SEKEB).During the meeting, Governor Ngilu affirmed their devotion to eradicate hunger, poverty and water inadequacy within Ukambani.

The grand meeting to launch the regions development plan has been scheduled on the first week of February where the three Ukambani governors shall publicly lay out their planned development agendas for the community under the Peoples Empowerment Movement.

Adding to the remarks by Governor Ngilu, Machakos Governor Dr. Alfred Mutua said the movement purposes reinforcing local and overseas ongoing hunt for the well-being of Akamba community unlike self political gains as perceived by many.Mutua detached himself and his Makueni and Kitui counterparts from the perceived selfish political desires.

On his turn, Makueni Governor Prof. Kivutha Kibwana tied the political poverty to the regions high poverty level through the regions Economic Bloc (SEKEB) that would foster the speedy attainment of development throughout Ukambani.Other national issues discussed as confirmed by Governor Kibwana are the National Census scheduled late this year and the likelihood of the Constitutional Amendment seeking to empower the counties administrative mandates.

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