Ngilu’s Speacial Focus on Livestock Production


Tuesday, January 15,
Kitui Governor’s Press

Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu today said the county is embarking on an ambitious livestock production programme as an important source of cash income for the majority of households in the county.

The governor the plan will involve breeding through artificial insemination to help get better quality cattle for beef and dairy production, and value addition for livestock products.

Addressing administrators and officers from the Ministry of Agriculture, water and Livestock Development at Kitui stadium today, Ngilu said she will make the County competitive in the livestock sector by investing in a trucking program that will ferry livestock from Kitui to the markets away.

“Our County’s potential in reaping maximum benefits from livestock production is way below average. That’s why we are meeting here to launch this livestock multiplication programme through synchronized Artificial Insemination to identify the roles that each one of us is going to play in this”. She said.

She said the county will embrace positive changes in the way farmers do agriculture and livestock production to boost the sector.

She noted that over 80% of the people of Kitui rely on agricultural activities for their families’ survival but decried little support the sector had received in the past.

Noting the sector’s contribution of 40% to the county’s GDP and the 25% the agricultural sector labour force, the governor said the gains would upsurge hugely and benefit more households in the county if well sustained.

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