Kitui Launches Artificial Insemination Programme for Livestock


Kitui County has launched the Artificial Insemination Programme (AI) under the livestock sector to better the animal quality in the county.

Speaking at Mbitini in Kitui Rural today during the launch, Deputy Governor Wathe Nzau – representing the Governor said the plan is set to improve the quality of livestock, increase milk and beef production and boost the county’s gain in the long run.

He said the county government will undertake a countywide programme to ensure quality breeds in the entire county.

“The hormones will be induced three times before insemination on the 10th day” . He said.

During the meeting held on Tuesday ahead of the launch, Governor Charity Ngilu said her government was set to support the sector deemed to attract high investment projections after the AI launch.

The governor said the county envisions to realize significant gains from improved breeds and set a precedence for a lasting solution in the livestock sector.

She said her administration had a speacial focus on the sector and reaffirmed her government’s support in the programme to impact the whole county.

During the launch, national government representative Dr. Atsiaya said the national government will offer continuous support to the programme and delivered insemination kits worth sh.3 million.

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