No One Will Listen to Your Theatrics – Former MP Aspirant Miltonic Kitute warns MCAs


Kitui MCAs have been warned against their plot to subside the executive and thwart progress in the county.

Businessman Miltonic Kitute on Wednesday warned MCAs against tarnishing the Governor’s name to exonerate themselves for political mileage.

He said the two arms were interlinked and should work together to propel development in the county.

Kitute said it was sarcastic for MCAs to use the Governor’s name as a scapegoat to cleanse their mess in their respective areas.

“If the Governor delivers and Kitui prospers, MCAs will carry the credit too, if the opposite happens, you won’t vindicate yourselves from the wrath of the electorate. I can assure you they won’t go far with their plans.” he warned the MCAs.

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