Mca wants security docket devolved

Migwani Mca, Phillip Nguli Photo/Linah Musangi

Migwani member of county assembly, Phillip Nguli alias Kalumaita has pleaded with the national government to devolve the security docket.

“As we are talking of referendum, it is high time we look deeper into the constitution and devolve this docket,” Kalumaita stated.

The county legislator stated that by devolving security docket, local stakeholders can support the national government to help curb this security menace.

” If we involve locals in security matters, then it will be easy to report any insecurity immediately” pointed out concerned Kalumaita.

However, Mwingi being a corridor of transportation of terrorists to and from Somalia, the county legislator has requested for enhancement of security in Mwingi town and her environs.

Condemning the scary act which happened at a time when the country was picking up politically and financially, Kalumaita lauded the security officers for acting swiftly and preventing more deaths of innocent Kenyans.

“I take this opportunity to condole families and friends who lost their dear ones following the heartless attack also wishing those hospitalized quick recovery” the Mca mourned with the rest of the country.


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