Kitui: Veterinary Specialists Upgrade Indigenous Livestock Breeds


In a bid to hasten wealth creation among the indigenous livestock keepers, the County Government of Kitui has recently launched the countywide Artificial Insemination Services across all the administrative units in search for increased milk volumes and better beef production through the introduction of improved breeds.

The Programme is targeting to upgrade thousands of the local animal breeds that have for long been registering low production turning away the indigenous farmers from embracing the livestock farming.

The exercise that kicked off on Monday 16th January at Mbitini Ward in Kitui Rural Sub-County led by the County Value Chain Addition Officer Dr. Temi Muia alongside Sub-Couty and Wards Administrators before extending to other Sub-Counties.The animal upgrading under the sponsorship of the County Government of Kitui has to this far recorded success with thousands of indigenous livestock breeds having been inseminated artificially by the county Livestock Specialists employed through the County Department of Agriculture and Livestock.

The newly introduced exotic livestock milk breeds to the locals are Friesian, Guernsey, Jersey and Ayrshire while the best performing indigenous livestock beef breeds are Boran and Sawal all of which are suited to the hot and dry climate constituting greater percentage of Kitui land.

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