Kitui sio ya mama ya mtu, Mca responds to threats


Kitui county’s assembly impasse has taken another turn after some members of county assembly are now taking on each other.



Originally, majority of Mcas were fighting for transparency, accountability and honesty from the county executive but now they have gone personal some defending the governor.



Yatta, Kwa Vonza member of county assembly, John Kisangau (Narc) yesterday (Sunday) went personal on an argument in one of WhatsApp groups threatening a fellow Mca from Nuu not to set foot on governor’s office if he is man enough.

Hon Kawaya of Nuu ward has been on fore front fighting for his Nuu residents others terming it “kupiga serikali’


However, Mca Kawaya has publicly announced that his life in danger following those threats in adding that Kitui doesn’t belong to anyone but it is for all.


” Hii Kitui sio ya mama ya mtu. Ni ya kila mtu, ” angry Kawaya said.



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