OPINION: Economic blocks are here to stay



Elections come and go and the elected leaders are expected by their masters to discharge their duties as mandated and their contracts renewed or not after their terms come to an end

Devolution is understood as a key to unlock pending social issues that drive inequalities while accelerating poverty, ignorance and disease . It is becoming crystal clear day by day that, if devolution is natured by employing the rightful methodologies, economies are definitely going to improve for betterment of the citizens.

Investing on citizens is key and a strategic objective towards achieving devolution goals. For example, Makueni county people can attest to this through the fruit and diary processing plant…The venture has created jobs, is adding coins to people’s pockets, is contributing to good care and maintenance of the environment, the products ( milk, fresh juice )adding value to the health of the people among many other benefits.

In Kitui County, we now have the county textile centre (KICOTEC ) which is building the people right from the trainings conducted ( imparting life skills for self reliance), has offered jobs to the people across the county, will ease accessibility of uniform to our schools, which already is a benefit to our parents through better pricing and a possible check to corruption in our school procurement departments among other benefits

Kenyans are averse to the many benefits that can be realized when devolution is affirmed as as governance tool. That is why South Eastern Kenya Economic block (SEKEB) and other regional economic blocks are a future hope of our citizens and require an overly support from both the government and the citizens. Naysayers of the same are enemies of justice and peace that thrives when good is done. Let’s us all arise and embrace duty of care

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